Fast, Permanent Weight Loss with Dr. Simeons' Weight Loss Protocol!

COMPLETE HCG INJECTION KITS for Dr. Simeon's weight loss protocol as
described in Kevin Trudeau's book, The Weight Loss Cure.  Have everything
necessary to complete a 23 or 43 day cycle in 5 DAYS! ( HCG INCLUDED)
Dr. Simeons' research extends as far back as 1954 when he discovered how to unlock the body's
unhealthy fats, while protecting healthy structural fat.  The protocol works especially well with people
who have disproportionate fat storage.  You will be able to attest to these results after following the
weight loss protocol.  These results are expressed by thousands and have been tested over years.  The
protocol allows you to diet without hunger or feelings of deprivation.  Dr. Simeons found that small
regular doses of hCG cause the body to release excess fats through the kidneys and it also suppresses
hunger. This is done in conjunction with a 500 kcal daily diet to prevent new fat storage. This low
calorie diet is only possible with hCG and does not affect energy levels. You are able to continue your
daily activities as normal.  The key factor is the use of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).  HCG is
a HUMAN derivative and is found in the urine of pregnant women.  It is effective in both men and
women.  Both men and women can follow the protocol and both respond very well.  For more
information please visit our
info page.  Make sure to read through Dr. Simeons' manual "Pounds and
Inches".  You can also get a copy of Kevin Trudeau's book at any local or online book seller.
If you have ANY health issues or concerns we urge you to ask you doctor or a health care professional about starting this diet.  
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HCG Injection Kits for The Weight Loss Protocol